Rake Baseball
 It was July of 2017 and I was with my son in Cooperstown for his 12u tournaments. We spent a lot of time looking for baseball lifestyle gear, but nothing we saw offered the style we were looking to purchase. I jokingly said we should start our own clothing company.
My background is a snowboard photographer, spending the last 25 years in that industry. The idea for our new company would be to take the skate/snow/surf style I grew up on and spin that into some new baseball lifestyle gear. On the flight back to Utah after Cooperstown my son was on board and we were sketching out ideas. November of 2017 Rake Baseball Company was launched.
I brought in Paul Brown who spent his whole life designing for the skate and snow world to bring to life the ideas we had roughed out. Considering we knew nobody in the baseball industry and had no social media account, we’re still putting out our take on baseball lifestyle gear. We can’t thank everybody enough for their support. If you do need help with an order or check status, it’s me that answering your emails and DM’s.
Rake is myself and my son and our incredibly talented designer. We may be small, but are extremely proud where we’ve come and look forward to bigger things in the future.
About Rake Baseball