Rake Baseball: The Top-Value BBCOR One Piece Bat Reviews 2020

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At Rake Baseball Company, we believe in no bad days and high-quality gear that makes you look and feel just as good off the field as it does on. That said, when it comes to game time, it's vital to have the highest performing equipment to get the job done right. 

We took the time to extend some recommendations on quality one-piece BBCOR Bats on a budget. Whether you are in the market for a new bat or not, it is never a bad idea to know what to look for

Nowadays, there are some incredible BBCOR bats on the market. At times, they can come with a hefty price tag, however, the following list highlights the most durable and top-value BBCOR one piece picks: 

The (2020) Goods One Piece (-3) BBCOR 

This bat retails for $250 yet still packs a wallop. It offers a very generous sweet spot for a power-hitting bat, pushing the energy into the back of the ball on contact. Not to mention, it is both a durable and dependable option, able to withstand a full season worth of abuse. The 2021 version will be an additional $100, so we recommend pulling the trigger for the 2020 version. You won’t be sorry.

The 2020 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR 

This bat retails for around $170, made from Rawlings finest aerospace-grade alloy materials. It’s slightly more end-loaded than average but offers a larger sweet spot in turn. The swing weight is fantastic -- performing as a great inexpensive option for a power hitter.

The Stringking Metal Pro BBCOR. 

This bat retails for only $100! While the other bats on our list have a bigger sweet spot and a little more power, the price on this can’t be beaten. Luckily you’ll still be able to hit dingers with this thing, closely comparable to a Cat 8. It’s hard to go wrong with this durable and tested option for only $100.

The 2020 Demarini Voodoo One BBCOR

While a retail price of $250 may be a little steep, this bat is by far our top-value pick. This end-loaded bat gives you the feel of a wooden bat with the weight, performance, and pop of an alloy barrel. Not only is it unforgiving and easy-to-swing swing, this bat and large sweet spot --largely why players and coaches have raved of its performance. The 2021 option will be more expensive, so we advise tracking down a 2020 model. Straight up, this bat hits the ball a mile.

Hopefully, we've made your next bat purchase an easy one. This list is in no way a complete overview of the best and most affordable bats on the market, however, you can't go wrong with any of the options we listed. As baseball fanatics, we understand how much weighs on your bat choice. For more baseball apparel or just good vibes visit RakeBaseballCompany today.